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Queen's Blade EX Menas PVC Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 09/02/2009


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Queen's Blade EX Menas PVC Statue



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Queen's Blade EX Menas PVC Statue (Anime Merchandise)

Every four years, the women of the kingdom come together for the Queen's Blade competition. The fighting arena beckons, and the winner shall be crowned the queen, her reign to last four years. The subject of a popular series of fighting role-playing game booklets, the Queen's Blade contestants have been sculpted by the artists of Bandai, bringing these wily female warriors to life. One such competitor is the ancient princess Menas. Coming from an ancient desert land, her headdress and sceptre the symbols of her power, she stands atop a display base, ready to kick any opponent into submission. Sculpted at 1/8-scale, Menas is made of PVC plastics and is ready to display.

Imported from Japan!

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