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Overwatch: D.Va Classic Skin Nendoroid  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 07/25/2018

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Overwatch: D.Va Classic Skin Nendoroid



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Overwatch: D.Va "Classic Skin" Nendoroid (Video Game Merchandise)

From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch, comes the sixth Nendoroid figure from the series - D.Va! All the details of her outfit as well as her cute face paint have been faithfully included on the Nendoroid design! The figure also features all-new articulation in the back of her hair that can be used to move her hair into more dynamic poses and recreate your favorite scenes from the game! Her MEKA unit is included in miniaturized form to display by her side, and features articulated arm, leg and waist parts allowing for various different situations. You can even make use of the size difference to create perspective between D.Va and the mech in order to pose her ejecting just as she uses her self-destruct ability!

Overwatch: D.Va

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