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Oneechan Bara Vortex: Aya "Black Bikini" Version PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/31/2008


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Oneechan Bara Vortex: Aya



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Oneechan Bara Vortex: Aya "Black Bikini" Version PVC Figure

Sisters Aya and Saki teamed with a policewoman named Anna in the video game Oneechan Bara VorteX to rid the metropolis of a rising zombie threat. When plunging into masses of undead with the goal of chopping them up, most sensible warriors would put on some armor, chain mail, or at least armlet. Not Aya! She goes into battle wearing a two-piece bikini, a hat, and a pair of thigh high boots. Occasionally she'll throw on a feather boa to accessorize. In the case of the Oneechan Bara VorteX Aya 1/8 scale PVC figure, she also wears a beaded necklace and hefts two swords for that special dual slicing action in her special black bikini. Imported from Japan!

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