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One-Shot Bug Killer ID Combat-San Tactical Suit Model Kit  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/22/2010


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One-Shot Bug Killer ID Combat-San Tactical Suit Model Kit

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One-Shot Bug Killer Interceptor Doll Combat-San Tactical Suit Model Kit

The popular Japanese manga series One-Shot Bug Killer!! depicts a world in which insects have become immune to ordinary extermination. The Combat-San Tactical Suit is comprised of approximately 120 pre-colored pieces that require no glue for easy assembly. 25 points of articulation mean that Combat-San is very poseable, and the included eye, eyebrow, and eyelash decals make her even more customizable. Finally, no interceptor robot would be complete without her arsenal, and so Combat-San comes equipped with a 'Grind Frame,' combat knife, 'Sundome-Kun,' and magazine pouch!

Imported from Japan!

One-Shot Bug Killer ID CS Tactical Suit Model Kit

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