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Nintendo Monopoly 2010 Edition  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 05/26/2010


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Nintendo Monopoly 2010 Edition



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Price: $29.95

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Nintendo Monopoly 2010 Edition

Now You're Playing With Power! No controllers are necessary as you join forces with Mario, Luigi, Link, Zelda, Kirby, and your other favorite Nintendo characters on a quest to defeat your opponents and own it all. Now you can buy, sell, and trade your favorite Nintendo characters in an effort to own and control every Nintendo video game franchise. From everyone's favorite red-capped plumber, Mario, to barrel-tossing Donkey Kong to cute Yoshi, they're all up for grabs in this exciting, fun-filled adventure. The game comes complete with six new collectible tokens including Star, Samus' Helmet, Pikman's Rocket, Mushroom, Zelda's Sword, and Gyroid.

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