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Nintendo Fighter Kirby 6" Plush Doll  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 12/11/2013


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Nintendo Fighter Kirby 6
  • Publisher: Little Buddy
  • Genre: Plush, Nintendo
  • Platform: Merchandise



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Nintendo Kirby Adventure Fighter Kirby 6" Plush Doll (Video Game Merchadise)

This Kirby Fighter 6" plush toy is an officially licensed product made by Sanei, imported from Japan and distributed by Little Buddy in the US.

Nintendo Fighter Kirby 6

This Kirby Plush Doll measures approximately 6 inches along the longest dimension.

This cuddly little plush is the result of Kirby's copy ability. This version debuted in Kirby Super Star and made Kirby a versatile opponent by giving him the abilities of a boxer and martial artist. Now you can make him a part of your home.

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