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Neon Genesis Evangelion New Movie Ed. Revoltech Mini ESW Shield  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 10/15/2008


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Neon Genesis Evangelion New Movie Ed. Revoltech Mini ESW Shield



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Neon Genesis Evangelion New Movie Edition Revoltech Miniature ESW Shield & Accessories

Organic Hobby's RevolTech Joint (or "Revoltech") figures utilize an an innovative joint system that allows figure to demonstrate any kind of realistic pose.

They have brought this new technology to figures based on the Rebuild of Evangelion films, the latest chapter in the popular anime saga, Neon Genesis Evangelion! Two of the mechas from the films, EVA-00 and EVA-01 Type G, have been crafted using the Revoltech system, and each stands 5" tall with multiple articulation points and interchangeable accessories. In addition, fans can accessorize their EVAs with the Positron Rifle & ESW Shield Set, which also comes with 2 swords, a gatling gun, and one extra part. Or, add the Positron Rifle Miniature Set to add some firepower to the EVAs. Each figure or accessory set comes packaged in a window box.

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