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Negima: "Group" Hobo Bag  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 03/28/2007


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  • Genre: Apparel, Bags
  • Platform: Merchandise

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Negima: "Group" Hobo Bag

Negi Springfield is only 10 years old, but he graduated first on the list from a magical school in the United Kingdom. To become a great wizard (Magister Magi), he was sent to Mahora Academy in Japan for training. The principal of the school was a friend of his grand father. He was assigned a homeroom teacher of the 8th grade class, but, to his surprise, all the students of the class were girls. They were very characteristic girls, for example, an active girl who liked study, a shy girl who was always reading books, moreover, a robots and a vampire. Being surrounded by the girls, he would lead a troublesome life.