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My Otome Arika Yumemiya PVC Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/01/2010


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My Otome Arika Yumemiya PVC Statue

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My Otome Arika Yumemiya PVC Statue

Tokiha Mai and her sickly younger brother, Takumi, have received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Fuuka Academy. On the way, the ferry they are traveling on becomes the site of a destructive battle between two girls wielding apparently supernatural powers. This is only the beginning of their troubles, as Mai learns that she herself possesses these powers - the powers of a HiME! My-Otome is a sequel series set in an alternate universe, with the core characters in an entirely different setting! ARIKA YUMEMIYA is the main character of My Otome - cheerful and optimistic, but lacking the sophistication and 'common sense' to deal with the royalty (due to her being something of a country bumpkin). Both Mai and Arika stand approximately 8' tall and include display bases. Anime producer SUNRISE remarked that 'only KOTOBUKIYA' could truly capture these lovely ladies in plastic!

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