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Monster Hunter: Female "Lagombi" Nendoroid  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 05/28/2014


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Monster Hunter: Female



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Monster Hunter: Female "Lagombi" Nendoroid

The white rabbit that wanders the Frozen Sea. From the Nintendo 3DS exclusive game Monster Hunter 4 comes a Nendoroid of a female hunter wearing the Lagombi equipment made from the "White Rabbit Beast", Lagombi!

Monster Hunter Female Lagombi Nendoroid
The unique design of the armor has been made even cuter to suit the Nendoroid's chibi size! Two weapons are included with the Nendoroid, allowing you to switch between equipment - she comes with both the sturdy "Frozen Core" hammer as well as the "Lagomberator" Gunlance. She also comes with a Felyne comrade posed blowing on a horn to support the Hunter, and various optional parts including a bottle of Demondrug and various effect parts.

Monster Hunter: Female Lagombi Nendoroid
All sorts of extras to help you recreate the Monster Hunter universe in Nendoroid size!

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