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Megpoid Gumi Ani-Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/08/2014


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Megpoid Gumi Ani-Statue



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Megpoid Gumi Ani-Statue (Anime Merchandise)

Kotobukiya proudly presents GUMI, the character mascot of the Megpoid voice synthesizing software! Based on the illustration artwork by Masami Yuuki for the software, Gumi has stepped right off the packaging and into real life.

Megpoid Gumi Ani-Statue

The Vocaloid appears as a pretty young girl singing and dancing. Wearing a colorful orange, yellow, and white intricately sculpted outfit with a shirt, vest, and ruffled skirts, Gumi balances on one foot with the other tucked underneath her. She playfully points with both hands at her head with a huge smile on her face under her bright green hair and fun goggles. Gumi stands 9 Ѕ inches tall (1/8 scale), perfect for displaying on your computer desk, shelves, or even a keyboard! The adorable Vocaloid is even perched on a beautiful and colorful star-themed display base.

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