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Megami Device Asra Ninja 1/2 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 04/21/2023

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Megami Device Asra Ninja 1/2 Scale PVC Figure



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Megami Device Asra Ninja 2/1 Scale PVC Figure (Anime Merchandise)

From the plastic model kit series Megami Device comes the potentially industry-first 2/1-scale figure of Asra Ninja, designed by Nidy-2D-! In a grand figure that is twice the height of the 1/1 plastic model and eight times the volume, Nidy-2D- personally integrated multiple detail updates to this character. Newly added design and paint details fitting of such a large scale figure creates a finish that can be enjoyed up close and from any angle. This figure also includes an original expression, showing ASRA NINJA with battle damage and parts of her bare skin showing through her armor. Extra care was taken to recreate this design down to the finest details in her fingers and toes.

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