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Mega Man Running 13" Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 09/09/2015

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Mega Man Running 13



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Mega Man Running 13" Statue (Video Game Merchandise)

Megaman is a highly advanced fighting robot built by the great Dr. Thomas Light. Armed with the Mega Buster arm cannon and Ceratanium armour, Megaman is tasked with finding and defeating Wily and his army of Robot Masters to stop them in their plans for world conquest. First 4 Figures is very proud to present Megaman in his classic in-game design from the legendary series by Capcom. Megaman is portrayed sprinting on one of the conveyor belts seen in Metal Man's stage from Megaman 2, with sparks flying as the ceratanium boots on his feet graze the surface.

On his right arm, Megaman has his Mega Buster equipped on his way to the showdown with Metal Man himself.

Megaman Running Statue

The entire statue is cast in high quality polystone, and uses a variety of painting and finishing techniques to achieve a remarkable appearance to the statue. From the bottom of the base to the top of Megaman's head, the statue measures 13" tall. Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card.

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