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Kenshin Dragon Quest  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 03/07/2004


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Kenshin Dragon Quest



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  • No Video Game System is Required to play this game


    Kenshin Dragon Quest is an amazing stand-alone TV game that plugs directly into your TV. The game takes place in a first person view through pseudo 3-d land scapes populated with classic Dragon Quest monsters. What makes the game really special is that it uses a wireless sword controller to translate your swings into in-game attacks! It's every bit as fun as it sounds and works better than you might expect. The game differentiates between horizontal, vertical and diagonal attacks. Timing and aiming is key, and if you swing into empty space then you'll open yourself up for an attack. To make things even more interesting the game also has light RPG elements. Your character will grow stronger with time and experience and you can even learn magic attacks to unleash on enemies!