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Invader Zim Mega Gir 12 inch Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 11/10/2005


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Invader Zim Mega Gir 12 inch Action Figure

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One of the most beloved characters from Nickelodeon’s cult hit Invader Zim, is Zim’s lovably simple robot sidekick, GIR. While the rest of the Irken invaders are given SIR units — robots whose function is to assist in invasions — Zim is given a GIR unit, made from spare parts and loose change! GIR proves to be less than useful to Zim’s “conquest” of Earth, where GIR “blends in” with his green doggy suit and spends most of his time watching television. The MEGA-GIR figure stands roughly 12" tall and comes complete with a removable doggie suit!

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