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Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style Ani-Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 02/06/2013


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Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style Ani-Statue

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Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style Ani-Statue

The newest hit franchise to join Kotobukiya's world famous Ani*Statue lineup is IS, a Japanese light novel series adapted into both manga and anime that tells the story of the creation of incredible powered armor 'Infinite Stratos' systems that can only be operated by women. When a young man is found who can use an IS he is sent to the Infinite Stratos Academy and nothing will ever be the same.

The first IS Ani*Statue is the French student who pretended to be another male IS pilot CHARLOTTE DUNOIS -BUNNY STYLE-! Charlotte, obviously no longer disguising herself as a boy, appears in a sexy bunny suit that leaves little to the imagination based on an illustration from the series. The pretty girl stands balanced on one foot, her hands at her face in embarrassment as small white bunnies clutch at her foot and legs. Charlotte's sultry bunny outfit shows off all her curves as well as the craftsmanship you've come to expect from Kotobukiya; even the lines in her fishnet stockings and the necklace on her chest are sculpted in detail!

The bunny style girl stands over 9 inches tall (1/7 scale) and was sculpted by Ryo Hashimoto. Keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming companion, Laura Bodewig -Bunny Style-! A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

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