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Happiness Jun Watarase Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 04/14/2010


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Happiness Jun Watarase Statue

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Happiness Jun Watarase Statue

Continuing the new series of 4-Leaves 'Legends Girls,' bishoujo figures that celebrate the classic character types in Japanese manga and anime, is a beloved character from Windmill's famous Happiness! game series, the gender bending Jun Watarase. Though male, Jun cross dresses in a girl's high school uniform to accent his feminine looks and make him more popular with the other boys. The pretty Jun Watarase wears not just any old school uniform, but the most frequently requested and sought after Mizuhosaka Academy version. His soft peach and white shirt gracefully matches the darker brown of his very short skirt and shoes, while his legs are encased in dark stockings. Jun's long purple hair, framing his feminine bishoujo face, fans out around his back in thick tendrils as the schoolboy leans forward with one foot in front of the other. You can display Jun in two distinct ways with included extra pieces, either with the normal cute face or a second one with mouth open and alternate left arm touching his lips! Sculpted by Takahiro Obata and standing 7' tall (1/8-scale), Jun is constructed of high-quality PVC plastic and comes with an acrylic display base

Imported from Japan!

Happiness Jun Watarase Statue

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