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Gus Fink Puff Dogs 3" Clip-On: Gikki  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 02/04/2009


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Gus Fink Puff Dogs 3

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Gus Fink's Puff Dogs 3" Clip-On / Keychain: Gikki (The cool confident one)

Gikki isn't afraid of anything, even snakes. She can't be spooked no matter how hard you try. Her day job is a dance coriographer for penguins and ducks. She is very confident in herself.

Whether you collect the 8" or 5" plush, or flaunt the stylish 3" Clip-On keychain, Puff Dogs are tossable and collectable! Each comes with a blister packed collectable mini-comix / poster and trading card. Collect them all!