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Gunslinger Girl: Henrietta 1/8 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 08/02/2006


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Gunslinger Girl: Henrietta 1/8 Scale PVC Figure
  • Publisher: Good Smile Company
  • Genre: Models/Statues
  • Platform: Merchandise

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Imagine being brain washed, taken away from everything that you hold dear, and trained as a professional assassins. That is the life of Henrietta and her comrades from the anime series, Gunslinger Girl. Without a second thought or remorse, these girls are equipped with high powered weaponry and state of the art cybernetic bodies, are set to kill without a hesitation. Only sorrow and destruction is behind the innocent and sweet demeanor of the Gunslinger Girls.

Henrietta of Gunslinger Girl is represented in this figure by famed figure designer and manufacturer, Good Smile Company. Donning her standard grey school uniform and oversized violin case, Henrietta looks like any other regular child. However, behind that innocent face and small stature is her weapon of choice, poised to take out her mark!

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