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Griffon Type-J9 Revoltech Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 04/09/2008


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Griffon Type-J9 Revoltech Action Figure

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Revoltech: Type-J9 Griffon Action Figure

'RevolTech Joint' is an innovative joint system that allows a figure to demonstrate any kind of realistic pose. The ultra sleek black mecha Type-J9 Griffon [Aqua-Unit], piloted by 15 year-old boy from India, Bud Renard, comes from the famous anime action series Patlabor: Mobile Police. Standing 6' tall with 43 articulation points and 12 joint parts, the Revoltech Type-J9 Griffon comes equipped with interchangeable accessories and parts like 1 revolver cannon, 5 optional hands and a display base. Imported from Japan!