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Great King Azumanga Osaka Swimsuit Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 04/14/2010


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Great King Azumanga Osaka Swimsuit Statue

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Great King Azumanga Osaka Swimsuit Statue

Earlier this year, the classic comedic manga series Great King Azumanga (Azumanga Daioh) celebrated its 10th-anniversary. With a highly popular spin-off anime series, the story of six unique girls experiencing high school has been enjoyed by fans all around the world, which makes it perfect for inclusion in Kotobukiya's new series of 4-Leaves 'Legends Girls.' Celebrating traditonal character types with definitive sculpts, the new series also includes updates of out-of-print garage kits. The second Greak King Azumanga character is Osaka (Swimsuit Version). A unique female character who would resonate with fans, Osaka may be plain in looks but she more than makes up for it with her incredible imagination and sense of humor! The schoolgirl, originally released as a limited event edition exclusive garage kit in 2002, is back in a beautiful Ani*Statue that requires no assembly or painting! Serene and composed, the daydreaming Osaka sits curled up with an inflatable pink floatation tube on a specially-designed base. Dressed in a non-descript red swimsuit, the innocently cute girl looks upward with her huge brown eyes as though she were looking straight into yours. Great care has been placed on making Osaka's pose look natural, and so the young schoolgirl rests one hand on the other and sits with one leg forward and the other turned to the side. Sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, Osaka is 4' tall (1/7-scale) and is constructed of high-quality PVC plastic.

Imported from Japan!

Great King Azumanga Osaka Swimsuit Statue

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