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God of War 2: Kratos Poseidon's Rage Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 11/20/2008


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God of War 2: Kratos Poseidon's Rage Action Figure

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God of War 2: Kratos "Magic of the Gods" Action Figure - Poseidon's Rage Version

Kratos has fought his way from one side of Greek mythology to the other, leading a trail of dead bodies - and dead gods - in his wake! Now the hero of the video game, God of War 2, can be yours, with these 2 new versions of Kratos based on special magic and unlockable costumes from the best-selling game.

"Poseidon's Rage" Kratos features the warrior with lightning decorations, and "Dark Odyssey" Kratos has him in black and gold. Poseidon's Rage is one of the magic attacks Kratos get in God of War. Kratos gets Poseidon's Rage in the Aegean Sea from the god Poseidon to help fight the Hydra. You can level it up to increase it damage and attack radius. Kratos also then uses it during the first part of God of War II before losing his godly powers. You can also use the Urn of Poseidon (one of the Urns of Power) during Bonus Play in God of War II to replace Cronos' Rage with Poseidon's Rage.

Each figure stands 7" tall and comes with accessories and weapons taken from the game.

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