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Genshiken: Saki Kasukabe 7" PVC Statue  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 08/02/2006


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Genshiken: Saki Kasukabe 7



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Genshiken: Saki Kasukabe 7" PVC Statue
Kohsaka's girlfriend. She is not an otaku, and generally does not enjoy being involved in otaku activities, but Kohsaka dragged her into Genshiken; she was then blackmailed by the first Genshiken chairman into joining the club. Saki actually saves Genshiken from being closed on one occasion, and helped save it a second time, when she was the cause of the peril. By the end of episode twelve of the anime, and around volume four of the manga, it is obvious that while she is not really any more an otaku than she was to start, she has begun to mellow toward the members of Genshiken, and does fit in with everyone in the club. In many ways, she is the main character in the anime and one of the main characters, if not the main character for at least the first four volumes of the manga.

Despite being vehemently against it from the start of the series (even protesting at wearing nekomimi), Saki was eventually lured into cosplay due to the group's regular cosplayer, Ohno-san (see below), being ill - because of some stagnant water Saki threw over her. Ritsuko Kubel Kettenkrad from Kujibiki Unbalance was the one she did, not really understanding the character's personality. However, upon spotting someone in the front row of the audience with a hidden camera for capturing hentai shots, she kicked the hell out of him - inadvertently snapping straight into Ritsuko's character. She ended up winning the event because of this.

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