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Gamer's Care Package  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 08/01/2018

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Gamer's Care Package
  • Publisher:
  • Genre: Snacks
  • Platform: Merchandise



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Care Package for Gamers with the most popular Japanese snacks!

Enjoy a handselected care package of our most popular and delicious Japanese snacks that are sure to keep your energy going while gaming. Munch on some chewey fruit candy or snack on some fantastic Pocky biscuit sticks while you focus on beating that next game!

Gamer's Care Package inlcudes the following (please note flavors may vary):
  • - Pocky (4 packages): Biscuit-like cookie sticks coated in delicious cream frostings.
  • - Hi-Chew (3 packages): The sweetest, fruity, chewy treat! A uniquely soft candy with a long-lasting, chewy texture.
  • - Hello Panda (2 packages): Bite-size, crunchy shells with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cream centers. Each shell is printed with a drawing of the cute Hello Panda enjoying various sports.
  • - Super Mario Mints: Refreshing brick shapped mints in a 8bit Mario tin.
  • - Mushroom Mints: 1UP mashroom tin filled with mints
  • - Zelda Mints: Small mints inside the Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield
  • - Duff Mints: Tasty mints to clear that Duff Beer breath

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