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Fruits Basket Kyo Link Commuter Bag  (Merchandise)


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Fruits Basket Kyo Link Commuter Bag

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A handy shoulder bag, the Commuter is the perfect size for everyday use. Make a quick trip to the music store, running errands, etc… Whatever you do, the Commuter is light enough to keep up with your busy schedule but big enough to contain your everyday essentials – wallets, keys, checkbook, planner, etc… Approximately 11.5" x 10" x 2.5" and secured by a fastener in front, the Commuter opens to reveal two interior pockets, one placed center of the bag to safely stow away any small change or to hold your ID’s, credit cards, checkbook, etc…, and the other spans the width of the bag and is secured by Velcro. There is a mesh outer pocket on the left side of the Commuter to carry mobile phones or your drink. There are three rings on the right side for your convenience – attach your keys and key chains. Very cool!

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