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Fraulein Revoltech #002: Rin Tosaka Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 03/19/2008


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Fraulein Revoltech #002: Rin Tosaka Action Figure

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Fraulein Revoltech #002: Rin Tosaka Action Figure

The newest dimension of RevolTech designs are Fraulein RevolTech, developed entirely to representing female characters in the highest-possible quality, utilizing the new and innovative joint/body system known as 'E.L.F.'! Rin Tosaka is a character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series FATE/stay night by Type-Moon. A model student, Rin is secretly a sorceress and Master in the Holy Grail War. FraŃŚlein Revoltech: Rin Tosaka measure 6" tall, has 20 articulation points (with 12 joint parts) and comes equipped with interchangeable accessories/parts - 1 sword, 3 set of hands, and 1 display base. Window box packaging. Imported from Japan!