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Frame Arms Girl Gourai Cu-Poche Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 03/29/2017

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Frame Arms Girl Gourai Cu-Poche Action Figure



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Frame Arms Girl Gourai Cu-Poche Action Figure (Anime Merchandise)

Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girl series and the Cu-Poche Action Figures line have collided with the brand new GOURAI CU-POCHE FIGURE! Poseable and fun, each 4 Ѕ inch Cu-Poche figure features multiple points of articulation and magnets in her feet for extra stability on the included base or other metal surface. The Frame Arms Girl series has featured multiple versions of Gourai, and now you can add her to your collection in the adorable Cu-Poche form which replicates her appearance as a young lady wearing an external armored Frame on her limbs, torso, and head.

Frame Arms Girl Gourai Cu-Poche 4 1/2 Inch Action Figure

Gourai even comes with tank treads to mount on her legs and weapons that can attach to her Frame in various locations! Sculpted by Yoshihiro Saimaru, the Frame Arms Girl stands just under 4 Ѕ inches tall and has 15 points of articulation for great posing and display options. Gourai makes a great guardian for your other Cu-Poche figures and makes a super cute addition to your Frame Arms Girl collection!

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