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Final Fantasy XII Balthier & Fran Sculpture Arts  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/04/2008


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Final Fantasy XII Balthier & Fran Sculpture Arts

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Final Fantasy XII Balthier & Fran Sculpture Arts

Square Enix proudly presents the newest entry in their Sculpture Arts series, featuring Final Fantasy XII in a line popular for its superb quality and intricate artistry!

This stunning polystone sculpture stands over 14" tall, faithfully recreating a memorable scene from FFXII as Balthier and Fran soar through the collapsing palace of Rabanastre on their airbike. The rubble from the collapsing palace, the airbike suspended in mid-air, as well as the determined expressions on Balthier and Fran's faces as they stand against imminent danger; all of these intricate details pieced together bring a dramatic moment to life!

This high-quality collectible item compliments the world-class RPG that it represents, guaranteed to captivate all who lay eyes on its breathtaking beauty.