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Final Fantasy Moogle Plush 2016  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/31/2016

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Final Fantasy Moogle Plush 2016



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Final Fantasy Moogle Plush 2016 (Video Game Merchandise)

The adorable, but powerful enemies you love to hate, Cactuar and Tonberry now take shape as harmless plushes alongside your steadfast friend, the Moogle!

Tonberry wears his signature robe, carrying knife and lantern, looking like he just stepped out of your favorite FINAL FANTASY, while an unusually cuddly Cactuar is frozen in his signature running pose. Based on the design of Lulu's Moogle plush in Final Fantasy X, this cute little plush has a big pink nose, red pompom and small purple wings. Kupo!

From FINAL FANTASY XIV, Moogle Kuplu Kopo's fluffy mane and yellow pompom make for a distinctly cute moogle.

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Final Fantasy Cactuar, Chocobo, Moogle, and Tonberry Plushes at

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