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Final Fantasy Master Creatures Leviathan Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 11/01/2006


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Final Fantasy Master Creatures Leviathan Figure

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Final Fantasy Master Creatures Figure - Leviathan

FINAL Fantasy MASTER CREATURES FIGURE ASSORTMENT 1 A Square-Enix Japanese Import! The Master Creatures figures are a brand new series of collectible PVC figures depicting the awesome gods and creatures encountered and summoned by the heroes in the many games of the Final Fantasy franchise. With the release of the amazing Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film, and the recently announced Fall '06 release of the next installment in the game series, Final Fantasy XII, interest in the monsters of the FF world is higher than ever before! There are a larger 'Master' scale of the creatures, with most of the figures standing over 6' tall (and many with impressive wingspans). Each sculpture has astonishing detail and an exciting base, with many parts cast in translucent material.

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