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Final Fantasy 5" Mini Plush Bomb Keychain  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 11/04/2009


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Final Fantasy 5



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Final Fantasy 5" Mini Plush Bomb Keychain

Take your favorite Final Fantasy foes (or friends) with you wherever you go! These adorable soft toys are perfect for adorning your keys, bag, or cell phone. Choose from Cactaur, Moogle, Tonberry, Chocobo, or Bomb. Each stands approximately 5' tall.

Imported from Japan!

The History of the Bomb:

The Bomb first appeared in Final Fantasy II, which was initially only released in Japan. It was first seen in America in Final Fantasy IV and ever since it has been a staple of the series, appearing as an enemy or, in some cases, an ally, in 18 Final Fantasy games. When in battle, the Bomb will increase in size every time it is attacked. After being attacked three times, it will explode and cause massive damage to one of your party members.

Final Fantasy 5

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