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Fate/Stay Night Archer & Rin Palm Characters Set  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 03/13/2007


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Fate/Stay Night Archer & Rin Palm Characters Set



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Fate / Stay Night Archer & Rin Palm Character Set

Fate/Stay Night is a Japanese visual-novel-game-turned-manga that focuses on Shiro, an amateur mechanic who is saved from a massive inferno that incinerated his parents and a large portion of his city. He is saved by Kiritsugo Emiya, who vows to teach him how to be a 'Hero of Justice', a guardian of mankind. On Shiro's journey, he meets sorcerers and servants, all in a battle to find the legendary Holy Grail. This is the second set of Palm character figures from the Fate/Stay Night series. Featured are Rin, a sorcerer and Master of the Holy Grail War, and Archer, Rin's faithful servant. Both are highly detailed and come with detachable weapons.

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