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Evangelion CD Soundtrack 2  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 03/16/2004


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Evangelion CD Soundtrack 2

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Leading a full orchestra ensemble, Evangelion maestro Shiro Sagisu has created another rich, rewarding listening experience for EVA fans with "Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Soundtrack II." There are 25 striking tracks that lend an aura of adrenaline-charged anxiety, unbridled exhilaration, impending dread, and calm, dream-like passages, many of which are the signature music pieces found in some of the most memorable scenes in Evangelion. In addition to the instrumentals, there are seven great vocal songs, including 'A Cruel Angel's Thesis' (the TV size opening song), 'A Vision,' 'Fly Me to the Moon' (the TV size closing song), and four alternate versions of the ending song. Another essential CD for all EVA fans!