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DragonBall Z Imperfect Cell Mini Resin Bust  (Merchandise)

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DragonBall Z Imperfect Cell Mini Resin Bust

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This cold-cast resin bust measures approximately 6 1/2 tall and comes mounted on a beautifully sculpted logo base, all packaged in a collector's window box. Painted and ready to display


For the last four years, Kami has sensed a great disturbance on earth of an evil power even greater than the Androids. That evil power is Cell. He has emerged in his imperfect form and he is creating chaos everywhere... absorbing entire populations of cities in order to increase his strength. His goal is to absord Androids 17 and 18 and become complete.

This is a cold-cast resin 6 1/2 inch tall mini bust of Imperfect Cell. Painted and ready to display.