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Domo 4" Flocked Vinyl Figure (Tangerine)  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 11/18/2009


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Domo 4



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Domo 4" Flocked Vinyl Figure (Tangerine)

With the smashing success of our 8" and 5.5" Domo flocked-vinyl series, it was only natural that we decided it was time for us to advance our mission to spread the Domo love ever further. We are proud to introduce our third series of Domo flocked vinyl figures now in a cozy 4" edition.

Available in limited quantities, our 4" Domo flocked vinyl figure comes in a spectrum of eight distinct colors: Classic Brown (limited edition), Tangerine (limited edition of 1,250), Cornflower Blue (limited edition of 1,250), Cherry Blossom Pink (limited edition of 1,250), Lemon Yellow (limited edition of 1,250), Polar White (limited edition of 750), Grape Purple (limited edition of 750), and Winter Green (limited edition of 500). Order your own group of fuzzy friends today before they're gone!

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