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Disgaea Prinny Fleece Cap  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 01/15/2007


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Disgaea Prinny Fleece Cap

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Prinnies explode on a regular basis. Unless you're a particularly forgiving and merciful player, we're pretty sure that you've taken out stress by chucking a few of your worthless underlings into each other. Still, ever notice how there's nothing left of them after they explode? If you were wondering where they went, wonder no more! Our talented merchandise experts have been cleaning up the battlefield and have salvaged hundreds of prinny skins to make these stunning caps!* ... Is what we'd like to say. Unfortunately, our lawyers don't actually let us use real prinny when making these things. Instead, they're 100% fleece, ready to keep your heads cozy and stylish. *Note: No prinnies were harmed in the making of these caps (by us)

From NIS America