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Digimon Omegamon Model Kit  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 04/19/2017

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Digimon Omegamon Model Kit



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Digimon Omegamon Model Kit (Anime Merchandise)

Digimon joins the world of plastic model kits in the form of Omegamon. Bandai brings its expertise developed through plastic models such as Gundam and Macross and uses it to create this unique kit. The use of poly-caps for joints means Omegamon features a lot of articulation and can be posed in a variety of ways.

Digimon Omegamon Mdl Kit

Completely molded in color means no paint is required and due to the snap-fit design no glue is needed, either. Just cut the parts off the runner, snap them together, then attach the included stickers and Omegamon is ready to go! Fits on any Bandai Action 1 Stand (stand not included).

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