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Death Note Light & Ryuk 16 Ounce Heat Change Mug  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 10/05/2022

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Death Note Light & Ryuk 16 Ounce Heat Change Mug
  • Publisher: Abysse America
  • Genre: Drinkware
  • Platform: Merchandise



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Death Note: Light & Ryuk Heat Change Mug (Anime Merchandise)

If you're like us, morning grogginess has a tendency to sneak up on you, but you can't spell vigilante without viglilant (we checked), and it's not gonna be easy changing the world from the inside of a jail cell. Keep your head on a swivel with a little help from caffeine and the anime experts at ABYstyle. With a design that changes when heated to reveal L lurking behind Light and the rules of the Death Note, it's the perfect gift for fans of the series.

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