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Date A Live II: Kurumi Tokisaki Ani-Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 07/08/2015

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Date A Live II: Kurumi Tokisaki Ani-Statue

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Date A Live II: Kurumi Tokisaki Ani-Statue (Anime Merchandise)

Based on the Japanese light novel series by Koshi Tachibana and Tsunako, Date A Live II is the second season of the hit anime following Shido Itsuka's quest to stop Spirits from damaging the world. The first interesting character from this series to be immortalized in Ani*Statue form is the third Spirit, KURUMI TOKISAKI! The most vicious of the Spirits and aggressive in her pursuit of Shido, Kurumi relaxes seductively here in a provocative outfit.

Date A Live 2: Kurumi 1

Lying on the ground, she holds her head up with one hand while pulling up her knees in a cute, feminine motion. What little Kurumi wears shows off her trademark black color with lacy stockings and frilly lingerie with a partly transparent effect. The Spirit accessorizes with matching frilled wristbands and a huge black and orange bonnet, each decorated with crimson ties.

Date A Live 2: Kurumi 1

The clothing colors draw the eye toward her face and her stunning eyes - one is a deep red while the other is a golden clock face! Impressive attention to detail captures every subtle element of the Spirit's clothing as well as the long tendrils of her hair. Sculpted by Taketo Ogasawara, Kurumi Tokisaki presents a very interesting display in her relaxed position that's less than 3 inches tall (1/7 scale). Capture this Spirit before she can do some serious damage!

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