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Dangaioh Revoltech Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 05/16/2007


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Dangaioh Revoltech Action Figure

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Revoltech Dangaioh Action Figure

The mecha Revoltech Dangaioh is originated from one of the best anime OVA series, Dangaioh Hyper Combat Unit, produced by AIC studios and released in Japan in 1987 (in US Manga Entertainment). Dangaioh OVAs feature character designs by creator Toshihiro Hirano, mechanical designs by Shoji Kawamori production direction by Masami Obari, and animation direction by Hideaki Anno. Brought together by the mysterious Dr. Tarsan, four psychic warriors Miya Alice, Lamba Nom, Rol Kran, and Pai Thunder can unite four powerful planes to form Dangaioh — the most powerful weapon in the universe. Using their psionic force, the Dangaioh team alone can stop the bloody tyranny of Captain Garimoth and Gil-Berg.