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Cthulhu 3D 10 Ounce Mug  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 10/05/2022

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Cthulhu 3D 10 Ounce Mug



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Cthulhu 3D 10 Ounce Mug (Pop Culture Merchandise)

Offer up a libation to a nightmarish entity older than time itself in a vessel cast in his exalted image… Or, you know, just enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee. Ahem, uh black coffee of course. Blacker than the fathomless depths of the abyss from whence The Great Old One lurched into being!!! Seriously though, it's a really cool coffee mug and it's got a 3D design modeled after Cthulhu himself, so all of your friends and co-workers are gonna be, like, super jealous. Grab one for yourself today and tremble in fear before his awesome visage.

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