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Courier^3 - Fullmetal Alchemist Ed Black Courier Bag  (Merchandise)


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Courier^3 - Fullmetal Alchemist Ed Black Courier Bag



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The basic Courier bag has been improved - threefold! The new Velcro flap opens to reveal eleven pockets in various sizes including one mesh zippered pocket. Business cards, PDA, ID’s, fliers….there’s a place for anything in the Courier bag. There are also two mesh outer pockets on either side of the bag - easily access your mobile phone or your drink. Just slip it in and out with no fuss. Even better, there is a large outside pocket on the back and a large inner pocket spans the width of the bag, both secured with Velcro. Be able to store more personal items away with no worries. A handy elastic pen-holder will keep you from losing pens inside your bag. Perfect for school, approximately 14.5" x 12" x 3.5", the Courier is big enough to carry many of your school necessities.

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