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Chobits Character Song Collection CD Soundtrack  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 02/17/2004


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Chobits Character Song Collection CD Soundtrack



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It may take many years before we'll ever reach the level of Persocom (personal computer) technology found in the "Chobits" anime, but at least there won't be any wait in having access to the retro-chic inventive music of this amazingly popular series, especially with the release of the "Chobits Character Song Collection." Fans who couldn't get enough "Chobits" music will be treated to more Persocom bliss with this new CD, featuring six breezy character theme instrumentals and seven exuberant vocal songs that define the "Chobits" characters. This 13-track CD includes the bouncy duet version of "Love of Babble," composed by "Pizzicato Five" mastermind K-taro Takanami and sung by the original voice actors of Hideki and Chi.

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