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Caution Karoshi (Death from Overwork) T-Shirt LG  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 11/09/2005


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Caution Karoshi (Death from Overwork) T-Shirt LG
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  • Genre: Apparel
  • Platform: Merchandise

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Caution: Karoshi! Japanese are very industrious and hardworking - in fact they can work so hard that there's a word for 'death from overwork' (karoshi). Here's a wacky Japanese T-shirt that warns you not to work too hard, to take time to smell the roses as you travel down the road of life. The message on the shirt says 'Karoshi: be careful not to work too hard.' Designed by Japanese illustrator Kenji Takahashi, this design is featured as a logo on the front pocket area.