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Busou Shinki Series 1 MMS Type Angel Arnval Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 12/05/2007


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Busou Shinki Series 1 MMS Type Angel Arnval Figure



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Busou Shinki Series 1 MMS (Multi Movable System) Type Angel Arnval Figure

Konami has revealed its new "online game" with the cool new series of Busou Shinki MMS action figures! First, you first purchase your figure of choice. Then, using a customized code that is included with the figure, you gain free access to Konami that enables you to freely pose a 3-D rendering of the figure you purchased and customize it with additional parts! You will then be able to face off against opponents around the country, and soon, around the world!

Series 1 includes Angel Arnval and Devil Starf; Series 2 includes Cat Maochao, Dog Howling, and Rabbit Waffebunny; and Series 3 features Knight Xiphos, Samurai Benio, and Santa Claus Tsugaru. Available exclusively in North America!

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