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Berserk: Judeau Hawk Soldier Action Figure  (Merchandise)


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Berserk: Judeau Hawk Soldier Action Figure



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Hailed as one of the most violent anime of all time, the story and world of BERSERK has captured the attention of millions across the world. And for several years now, TOYCOM has been the exclusive supplier of official BERSERK merchandise, action figures and statues to those fans everywhere. Today, TOYCOM is pleased to announce the arrival of yet another popular and fan-requested character from BERSERK anime with our brand-new JUDEAU action figure.

Judeau was a member of the Band of the Hawk clan, a talented ally of the powerful Griffith and personal friend of Gatsu and Caska. Skilled at the art of knife throwing and hand-to-hand combat, and now BERSERK collectors everywhere can add Judeau to their collection.

This fantastic addition to TOYCOM'S rapidly growing and immensely popular BERSERK action figure line, Judeau is one figure that no BERSERK fan can pass up. Judeau stands approximately 7 inches tall and features a realistic sculpted character likeness, fantastic painted armor and decorations, 18 points of articulation, real metal throwing blades and holster, two short swords and sheathe and a circular display stand featuring the Band of the Hawk symbol all sealed in blister card packaging.

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