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Aquarion Evol Chara Fortune Mini-Figures  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/12/2012


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Aquarion Evol Chara Fortune Mini-Figures

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Aquarion Evol Chara Fortune Mini-Figures

Humanity is threatened by enemies from the planet Altair, and to save the planet Vega's population two teams, one male, the other female, pilot their own Aquaria super-robots that, thanks to Amata Sora, can join together to create the legendary Aquarion. The characters of the Aquarion Evol anime are now yours to collect with the Aquarion Evol Chara Fortune Mini-Figures, which recreate the series' characters as delightful chibi-esque mini-figures.

Collect them all! Blind mystery box packaging. Imported from Japan!