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Amaenaideyo: Chitose Nambu 1/6 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 12/13/2006


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Amaenaideyo: Chitose Nambu 1/6 Scale PVC Figure

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Amaenaideyo: Chitose Nambu 1/6 Scale PVC Figure

Being a Buddhist apprentice is hard work! Especially with 6 jaw dropping nuns to make your mind wander. That is the life of Satonaka Ikko of the anime series, Amaenaideyo (translates: Don’t Tease Me!). Between very severe training and many purification ceremonies, he has to spend all day with these beauties. What makes it worse is the fact is that they are the same age as he is and their spiritual powers are greater that his. Plus, they treat him like an errand boy!

Featured of the temple beauties is the cute red head, Chitose Nambu. Toy manufacturer/designer Max Factory has created a very beautiful 1/6 scale figure of this busty nun. Donning her standard black and white uniform of a Buddhist nun, she is beautifully complemented by a vibrant rose colored Buddhist mala beads wrapping around her bust and waist. One look at Chitose and any boy would consider the life of a Buddhist monk.

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