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System and Hardware Repair

  PS2 System Repair (FLAT FEE)
Xbox System Repair (FLAT FEE)
Dreamcast System Repair (FLAT FEE)
PlayStation System Repair (FLAT FEE)
NES System Repair (FLAT FEE)
Turbo Express Repair: Audio Problems
Turbo Express Repair: Video Problems
Atari Lynx Repair: Audio Problems
Atari Lynx Repair: Video Problems
Game Gear Repair: Audio Problems
Game Gear Repair: Video Problems
Game Boy Battery Backup Replacement
Game Boy Color Battery Backup Replacement

NES Battery Backup Replacement
Genesis Battery Backup Replacement
SNES Battery Backup Replacement
SNES Repair: Power Input Jack Replacement
Virtual Boy LED Screen Repair

For complete list of hardware repair services click here
Disk Repair [CD - DVD - BluRay]
  BluRay Repair/Resurfacing (PS3/Movies)
DVD Repair/Resurfacing (360/Wii)
DVD Repair/Resurfacing (PS2/Xbox/GC/Movies)
  CD Repair/Resurfacing (CD Games)
CD Repair/Resurfacing (Music CD's)
CD Repair/Resurfacing (PC Software)

For complete list of CD Resurfacing (Repair) Services click here

Parts for Sale [Parts - Tools - and More!]

Game Boy Advance SP Replacement Parts LCD Screen
Nintendo DS Replacement LCD Screens
Nintendo DS Lite Replacement LCD Screen
Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Touch Screen
Nintendo DS Replacement LCD Screen
Nintendo DS Replacement Touch Screen
PS2 Replacement Fliptops
PS2 Slim Laser Pickup Model SPU-3170


PS2 Slim Laser Pickup Model PVR-802W
PSP Replacement LCD Screen w/ Backlight
NES 72 Pin Connector
PS3 Blu-Ray Laser Pickup (KES-400 AAA)
Xbox 360 Controller Screwdriver
Video Game Security Bits Set: 3.8mm & 4.5mm
Video Game 4.5mm (Large) Security Bit
Video Game 3.8mm (Small) Security Bit

For complete list of Parts click here

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