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Originally launched in 1994 in Japan, the Sega Saturn was one of the first successful consoles of the 32-bit era of Video Games. 


With two CPUs and 6 other processors, the Sega Saturn was a powerful machine for its time. Special quadrilateral rendering and the 50% more video RAM the Saturn had over the Playstation gave the Saturn a upper hand with RPG, Arcade Games and 2D Fighting game developers; leading to great Saturn classics such as: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Guardian Heroes, Shining Force III, Dragon Force and Radiant Silvergun.


A 4MB RAM Cart that was only released in Japan allowed for even more impressive, arcade-perfect ports such as: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Metal Slug and the King of Fighters series.


The Saturn is also known for its wide selection of Import games. Japan only releases of anime related games such as the Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Sakura Wars games to the great strategy and RPGs like Lunar, Ogre Battle and Shining Force helped push the Saturn into the leader of the 32-bit era war between 1995-1997.  Most of the shoot'em ups that made the Saturn famous were also only released in Japan.

The Saturn was discontinued in 1998 in the US. While this lead to the cancellation of highly anticipated games such as: Sonic X-treme, Policenauts and Lunar: The Silver Star Story, the discontinuing of the Saturn also brought the release of arguably the greatest and most rare Saturn games like: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers, Shining Force 3 and Magic Knight Rayearth.

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  Panzer Dragoon II SS
  Guardian Heroes SS
  Street Fighter Zero 2 (JPN) SS
  Madden NFL 97 SS
  Bug Too SS
  Saturn Bomberman Fight (JPN) SS
  Advanced V.G. (JPN) SS
  Bubble Symphony (JPN) SS
  Sega Rally Championship (JPN) SS
  Touge King the Spirits (JPN) SS
  Hang On GP SS
  Space Hulk Vengeance SS
  Toshinden URA (JPN) SS
  Marvel Super Heroes (JPN) SS
  Virtual On (JPN) SS
  Daytona USA SS
  Dinosaur Island (JPN) SS
  Sega Saturn System Gray (JPN) SS
  Shockwave Assault SS
  Area 51 SS
  Blazing Dragons SS
  Horde SS
  Virtua Cop SS
  Virtua Fighter 2 SS
  Steep Slope Sliders SS
  Martian Successor Nadesico (JPN) SS
  Rockman X4 (JPN) SS
  Mech Warrior 2 SS
  NHL 97 SS
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